Gynecomastia vs. Chest Fat

Gynecomastia is not the same as chest fat. The gland tissue is not adipose. It is regulated more by hormones. Adipose is largely regulated by the liver, how it processes fat, how much calories you are consuming, metabolism, lifestyle choices and overall health including specific medical conditions you may have but are unaware of.

Overweight or obese men who have excessive fat in their chest do not always have gynecomastia. They have pseudogynecomastia. It is possible for a man to have both gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. These cases are worse as the breasts can be unnaturally enlarged. Swollen tissues and excess adipose or fat can transform male breasts to almost as large as female breasts, in some cases larger. The shapes are also going to be more concerning. The enlarged breasts will be heavy, they may sag or have protruding areolas and they are uncomfortable, unsightly and at times painful.

Both chest fat and gynecomastia can be triggered and worsened by lifestyle choices, from alcoholism to lack of sleep, poor diet to excessive use of cosmetics or grooming products, declining libido and use of steroids. Medication can have an adverse effect. Underlying health problems such as liver disease or poor kidney functions can cause moobs. Klinefelter syndrome increases the likelihood of man boobs. Men born with an additional x chromosome have Klinefelter syndrome.

Complications of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia pose several challenges. Young boys or teenagers going through puberty are embarrassed about man boobs. They face bullying and their self-esteem suffers. Young adults and those in their thirties through forties also suffer from poor self-esteem due to man boobs. If gynecomastia is painful and the breasts are unusually tender, then performing certain tasks or engaging in some strenuous activities can be difficult. Men who have excessively enlarged boobs may find it difficult to move around with as much agility as others who do not have swollen breasts.

There are some serious complications of gynecomastia and excessive fat in the chest. If you have any liver diseases or the organ is just failing to process fat, then there is more to the condition than meets the eye. Your concern should not only be the visibly swollen and enlarged breasts but the liver problem. The same is true if you have poor kidney functions. If these vital organs are not functioning perfectly then there is a risk of diabetes, chronic high blood pressure, and chronic high bad cholesterol and there could be a heart disease developing as a result. While the visible problem is concerning, you should note there are other potentially serious complications.


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